It's Time To Get Healthy
Learn how to achieve better health in the next 30 days
Includes "Getting Started" Reference booklet

This video will teach you how to deal with and manage stress effectively, and increase energy. You will also learn how to fit proper exercise and stretching into your busy schedule, how to eat healthy on the run, and how to maintain a positive mental attitude. Also included is a handy reference booklet. Be sure to start this program today and improve your lifestyle!

  • Level: This video is for anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle
  • Time: 57 minutes total.

Why this video? Dr. Catherine Maloof specializes in family health care, sports injuries and nutritional therapy. For more that a decade, Dr. Maloof, has helped thousands of patients achieve better health through a simple approach to preventive health care. Now through her video you too can learn how to improve your overall health!

"It's Time To Get Healthy is an invigorating, refreshing way to restore your body to its optimum health and fitness" -- Debra DePasqua, Art & Fitness Instructor