Stretching Made Easy One Day At A Time

Dr. Catherine Maloof has combined her professional training and her personal daily stretching routine that is great for athletes and non-athletes alike. This video will help you incorporate stretching into your daily life. It will also teach you how to stretch your way to better health, maintain a healthy spine, prevent back and neck injuries as well as increase your posture and improve your flexibility.

  • Level: all levels (beginner to advanced)
  • Fitness Component: Flexibility
  • Body Parts: Stretches all major muscle groups
  • Time: 55 minutes total. You may do the entire stretching routine all at one time or in smaller segments as you see fit for your specific needs.
  • Equipment: Carpeted surface or mat

Why Stretch? Stretching increases your body's range of motion and improves circulation. By following Dr. Maloof's personal program, you will quickly realize the improved flexibility, mobility, renewed energy and vitality that follow only a few minutes of stretching a day.

"I am a soccer player and used to think I was in great shape. I have been using Dr. Maloof's stretch video and I have never felt better. I have more flexibility and improved posture. I now use this stretch video daily and I highly recommend it to everyone. You will feel great doing it." --Ramin Modiri, soccer player